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Paul Revere Village
Millbury, Massachusetts

The Homebuyer and the Community Association

What You Should Know Before You Buy

The Paul Revere Village Association (PRVA), managed by the Board of Governors, exists to maintain our neighborhood and offer amenities and efficiencies that our owners value.

PRVA provides grounds maintenance including mowing grass, snow plowing, annual spring clean up, trash removal / recycling, road and side walk repairs and street light maintenance. The Association also cares for the buildings by providing roofing maintenance, deck repair/upkeep, siding and exterior lighting repair and building foundation maintenance. PRVA protects against neighborhood degradation and deterioration, such as abandoned cars, dilapidated homes, yards that are not maintained and neighborhood disruptions. The owners in our community find it convenient to not take these risks on by themselves – they have joined an Association that contributes to the good of the community as a whole.

But even with all of these advantages, the Association occasionally faces complicated issues. The most common issue is balancing the rights of the individual homeowner with those of the community. One of the purposes of the Association is to ensure that our owners enjoy clean, well maintained grounds, a calm neighborhood and friendly atmosphere. PRV is fortunate to have, and welcomes owners that value our neighborhood and respect the right of their fellow owners to have a peaceful living environment. Issues on the premises will occur from time to time and the Association acts to resolve these matters. If there are questions about your expectations while living in Paul Revere Village, or if you would like more information please feel free to contact the Board of Governors.


You can help ensure a more positive and fulfilling community experience by learning all you can about our community before you buy a home.

PRVA Real Estate Info

Number of units- 98
Number of buildings- 27

Number of phases- 13
Completed phases- 13

FHA Approved

As of April 2013:

85 units are owner occupied.
No owner owns more than one unit.
Not more than 10% of the owners are delinquent more than 90 days.

Providing critical need-to-know information to buyers is very important to Paul Revere Village. Having well informed owners and potential owners benefits our community. Informing buyers about upcoming special assessments (which are very rare at PRV), occupancy limits, parking rules, pet rules, architectural restrictions and other information is important so that they have all the information they need to make the decision to live in our community. At Paul Revere Village, we do not withhold information about our homes, grounds, policies or rules. We want to guarantee informed, involved and happy new home owners that will stay and enjoy each day in our community.

Buyers and occupants in Paul Revere Village will want to become familiar with our Master Deed and Articles of Incorporation (pdf) and, especially our By-Laws and Rules and Regulations. These are the guidelines that we live by. Please consult our summary page of governing documents.

Your bank will require certain information about our Association. Most of that information can be found in our PRV Mortgage FAQs. We've also made available a mortgage affidavit adapted from the Fannie Mae mortgage questionnaire. Your bank may find this acceptable when printed and signed by  the President or Treasurer. 

One more important item: We require that each homeowner fill out a mortgage questionnaire (pdf) which gives us the mortgage holder information and your address information. We require this to set up your condo association account. You may print it fill it in, and drop it into the slot of the PRVA labeled mailbox. You do not need a stamp.


In order to close the sale of your unit, you will require a 6-D which shows you have no liens from PRV against your unit. As soon as you know your closing date, you should contact the board and request a 6-D.

In order to obtain a certificate of insurance from our Master Deed, please call Wachusett Insurance company at (508) 754-5800.




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