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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Storm Doors

Q: We are having our front and back doors replaced and we'd like to know the rules.  Is it OK to get doors that are similar in style to the ones already up?  I see that people have different storms so I assume I should just get something in the same line there... what are the rules?

A: We do not have guidelines for storm doors, except they must be white. Your choice should be similar to existing styles. 

Pellet Stoves

Q: What are the guidelines in regards to pellet stoves?

A: Pellet stoves are the only type of heat generating stove allowed in Paul Revere Village. There are several pellet stoves installed in the village. The stoves that we are aware of fit into the fireplace and are sold by Higgins Energy ( located in Barre. We understand the cost is in the area of $3400 installed. The stoves must be professionally installed and inspected by the town inspector. We probably could connect you with a pellet stove owner to gain further information. Glen - We invite those of you with pellet stoves to tell us what you think of them... use the discussion group forum or just email me and I will post your observations, suggestions, etc.. Are there big savings on your heating bill? Are they clean? Easy to maintain?


Q: I am in the process of obtaining an equity line and the bank has requested "A Certificate of Insurance from the Master Policy from the Condominium Association or Trustee. The Certificate must name 'Bank, It's Successors and Assigns as Their Interests May Appear'. The Certificate must indicate an 'Agreed Amount' satisfactory to us, or 100% Replacement Coverage for the cost of the structures on the property." Is this something that the association can provide?

A: Please call Wachusett Insurance Agency. They will issue you a certificate of insurance.

Parking of Recreational Vehicles

Q: Regarding the back parking lot, where people can leave boats, trailers, etc. I was wondering if there is any restrictions against a motorhome???

A: This is in our Rules and Regulations which can be found on our web.  Recreational vehicles such as motorhomes, boats, ATVs, etc. can be parked in the designated parking lot in front of 53-58 Lexington or along Bunker Hill Road where there is ample space. Since parking space is at a premium, DO NOT park recreational vehicles in the remaining four multi-car lots. These are for automobiles only. Recreational vehicles longer than 20 feet are prohibited within Paul Revere Village by our Master Deed.

Toilet and Tub Maintenance

Q: I noticed water stains on my kitchen ceiling. The upstairs toilet is dripping. Does anyone have any tips of PRVs history of bathroom leaks?

A: Yes, there is excellent advice on the history of leaks with our toilets and tubs in handyman tips. Also, and I have not tried this personally, but a painter told me that one of their secrets for water stains on ceilings is to spray them with bleach and water. This painter said it was a little trade secret and really works!




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