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Solar Power Information

Solar Power at Paul Revere Village

Hello, I'm Jeff Grinnell, the current President and webmaster at Paul Revere Village and I want to share my experiences in installing Photovoltaic (PV) Panels on my townhouse at 4 Meetinghouse Lane.

Like many of you I've done what I can to reduce my electric consumption. I even installed an electrical energy monitor to help me monitor how much power we were using in our home. Eventually, after taking all the measures I could to reduce our energy consumption I turned my interest towards that of creating electric power using PV panels.

Because the actual roofs of our townhomes are owned by the association a special agreement must be executed by the owner for the association to allow solar panels to be installed:
PRVA Solar PV Panel Installation Agreement

Synopsis of Solar Project:

Here is a peak at the production data available via the solar monitoring hardware that I installed:
PRVA - 4 Meetinghouse Ln - Solar Production

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