Summer at PRVA
Paul Revere Village
Millbury, Massachusetts

Condominium Fees

Condominium fees of $200 are due on the FIRST (1st) day of each month.

Submit your check one of two ways:

  1. Mail your check, made payable to PRVA or Paul Revere Village Association, to:

    Bunker Hill Road
    Millbury, MA 01527

  2. You may also put your check in the Association's mailbox (no stamp required!). It is marked “PRVA” and is located in the 3rd cluster from the far right. Be careful not to place it in the slot for outgoing mail.


There is a grace period of 15 days. After 5:00 p.m. on the 15th an owner will be assessed late fees ($25 every 15 days past due).

A delinquent unit owner will be responsible for attorneys' fees and costs incurred in collecting delinquent common area charges. A Unit owner's account will be turned over to our Attorney when 60 days past due.  Unit owners have no legal ability to withhold or offset against any lawfully imposed common area charges.  


  1. Late within same month - June’s condo fee paid late on 6/18 = total June amount due is now $185.00 + $25.00
  2. More than 1 month late - June's condo feee paid on 7/5 = Total June amount now due is $185.00 + $50.


Collection Method For Delinquent Accounts

For the vast majority of homeowners who pay each and every month on time, we are exceedingly grateful. This allows the Association to operate efficiently and pay our bills on time.

For those of you who are frequently late the following is the process used for collections, which has Board approval as well as the Association's Attorney.

  1. On or about the 20th of the first month you are late you will receive a letter with the amount you owe. This will include a $25.00 surcharge.
  2. If this elicits no response, on or about the 3rd of the next month, we send another letter showing all charges due with the appropriate surcharges and interest added on plus the new months condo fee due.
  3. Again, if all efforts are ignored on the 16th of the second month overdue, you receive a letter stating "This is the last communication you will receive from us. On the 5th of the next month (3rd month) your account will be turned over to our Attorney for collection unless all fees are paid".

Consequently it is about 60 days before an account is turned over for collection.

All homeowners should be aware that if they are having a difficult time paying their condo fee due to serious illness, unemployment, etc., we will try to work out a payment schedule with them.




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