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Paul Revere Townhouse  CONDOMINIUM TRUST
Condominium Information Sheet

Current as of: 2010

Address of Unit: _______________________________________________________

Current Owner of Unit: _________________________________________________


Unit Information

All Unit Monthly installments of common expenses are: $170

Title is held as FEE SIMPLE

Developer Information

The Developer turned over control of the Association/Condominium in March, 1987.
The Association has passed 18 budget cycles since turnover.
The Developer is not on the Board of Trustees.
The Developer does not own any amenities.

Condominium Information

The Association/Condominium was constructed beginning in September 1984.
The Association/Condominium was completed in 14 phases.
The Association/Condominium was not a conversion.
The Association/Condominium is a Condominium.
There are 98 units in the Condominium.
The construction style is 27 buildings consisting of townhouse 4-unit and 2-unit buildings.
The Association/Condominium does not own all amenities.
The Association/Condominium does not lease one apartment it owns. There is not a recreational lease or similar arrangement under which the Condo association or unit owners must pay additional fees.
The Association/Condominium cannot expand beyond what it is today.
The Association/Condominium does not have commercial use within the project.
The Association/Condominium does not allow short term rental of units.

Management Information

Paul Revere Townhouse Condominiums are self-managed by a Board of Governors.

Association/Condominium Financial Information

The fiscal year is September 1 through August 31st.
The number of units delinquent over 60 days is 3.
As of the beginning of the year, the Reserve Fund balance was equal to about $38,000
There are no special assessments in place.
No other supplemental or special assessments are currently in effect, but no representation is given with respect to any period of time beyond the date hereof.
The Association/Condominium expects income to meet expenses this year.
The yearly assessment in this Association/Condominium is $2040 per unit x 98 units = $199,920.

General Information

We estimate, but cannot guarantee, that more than 90% of the project is owner occupied.

Insurance Information

Certificates of insurance, copies of policies and further information may be obtained by contacting Donald Donegan, 306 Main Street, Worcester, MA 01608, at 508-754-5800, New London Mutual Insurance Company.


This information is provided by Paul Revere Village Board of Governors for the Association/Condominium. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of this information. You should verify this information through other sources.

This document is for the sole use of lender or mortgagee and cannot be disseminated to any other party without the written consent of the Association/Condominium.

By: _________________________________ Date: _______________________




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