PRVA Annual Meeting

A & D Pizza (function room)
60 Elm Street, Millbury

Wednesday October 25, 2017

Complimentary pizza will be served at 6:30pm
Meeting begins promptly at 7pm


Mosquito Spraying Scheduled

4 Jun 2017-
There will be spraying for mosquitos on June 6th after 8 pm. Close your windows, shut off your A/C units and fans and keep your pets inside.

Deck Construction Schedule

10 Apr 2017-
The following decks will be rebuilt this year:

1-4  V. Green
1-4  M. House
1-4  Concord
5-8  V. Green4
15-18  Lexington
35-38  Lexington
39-42  Lexington

The entire schedule may be viewed here. (pdf)

Condo Fee Increase Scheduled

03 Jan 2017-
As we mentioned at our annual meeting there was a high likelihood that the governing board would need to raise condo fees. Our initial budget for FY2017 showed our anticipated spending was only about $3,000 less than our expected intake from monthly condo fees.

In order to ensure that we can place 10% of our intake into our reserve account, a condition required for approval of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Loans, an increase in the condo fee was necessary. Failure to meet this condition could prevent some owners from selling their units.

The board approved an increase of the condo fee to $250/month effective 01 April 2017.

This amount will allow the board to meet the 10% reserve requirement and also provides us with the necessary funding to ensure that maintenance items, which have been neglected due to previous funding restrictions, can be performed. (See the new budget at the Financials Page)

Before the increase becomes effective on 01 April 2017, you will receive a new coupon payment book reflecting the new condo fee amount.

As always, if you have any questions, you may email the board at

click the above document to download as a pdf


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